Sunday, August 15, 2010

At your Lowest

Be really careful with statement "at your lowest" because you might not face it yet and i mean it. I was jobless at this moment last Ramadhan when i thought i was at my lowest, got no pay, live dependable to my parents who are both pensioners and knowing the fact that most of my pal already made some money at that time. I was down, got no money, got no life some people might say and who you should close to when you are at you lowest? friends? sibling? parents? No, the Mighty God He is. who know what best for us and He is the only one.

And now, i still thinking i am at my lowest. I got money but still that doesn't cover for full month period (if you know what i mean), got less free and happy time, still got no life as some people might say (friend said this to me when he met me alone at Bazar Ramadhan).

Just be careful and don't forgot to pray to God because He is the Mighty one, we just His servant in this world. He might give and take back the 'rezeki' to us anytime He wish, where He know what best to His servant.

I should always thank God and not planning to use the phrase again in the future. It shows the less thankful person i used to be.