Saturday, May 30, 2009


ini post tribute utk UTP for providing me great2 frens..So farewell to utp land, for frens no farewell2 kte jmpe lg di dunia luar sane.Dunia marabahaya!
aku nk amik kesmpatan ni, nk phrasing what scoffield told to his future son but aku nk rephrase it to all great frens i got in UTP land

Dear frens,
We spend so much of our lives not saying the things we want to say, the thing we should say.We speak in codes, we send little messages..
So now plainly & simply i want to say that i love all of u frens..A lot!!

jmpe lg di luar sane..


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Dear coffee,
I known u for many years, but practically mildly addicted for ur loveliness at start of this semester! Labeled as black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love..thats half of what them lovers called u.
it was true, u always there when i needed..U act as a stimulant in whatever activity I did, mostly late night study and I always gonna appreciate that. Caffeine and other chemical substances which content in u without any doubt stimulates the production of cortisone and adrenaline hormones in my body.

but but but,
during our frenship, me myself change a lot especially after I was having ur loveliness. I felt nervous, anxiety, and irritability which make me having difficulty in sleep. Sometimes when it worsens, it caused me insomnia [symptom of sleeping disorder]. I have been a late night person rather than morning person which I used to be before! I miss my breakfast meal [the critical meal for fitness] a lot and the entire sun rise scene in the morning. I miss morning.. A lot

and because of that fact, I regretly have to end our be a better person for me myself.! I hope u will always be happy in whatever u do and continue serving ur sweetness to all them lovers out there..

ur ex-lover.

11. NEW KING . . .

Okes..though im man u fan, but just for tonite lets hail new King of Europe..Barcelona the catalans!!
2 goals, one each from Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto'o shattered Manchester united's dream of a unique Quadruple..

it was a nice game..full credit to all the players!
Still Glory- glory man united..Next season we will crave for more trophy hopefully!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Courtesy of Republic of Brickfield - Orang Planet

Jangan kau pandang hina terhadap diriku ini
aku juga manusia sama sepertimu
walau kita berbeza penampilan diri ini
aku juga punya hati, jiwa dan juga perasaan

Aku ini bukannya makhluk asing
berkepala besar punya kapal angkasa
aku ini bukannya dari Jupiter
sama seperti mu makhluk di bumi
Kita berdua tiada bezanya

9. BE ALERT . . .

this is no joke..just be alert!!
p/s : ini adalah repost...

Monday, May 25, 2009


On 18th of July, champion will be here!!!"More than 15,000 tickets were snapped up in Malaysia today (Friday 22 May), on the first day of advance sales for United's match there in July"-

This is how the seat arrangements on the day..So anyone, buy me with yellow or blue or orange ok?Peace...


Inspired by awesome "bucket list" film. i come out with my own bucket list :)

10- Black kenneth Cole Fragrance

9- Ray ban warfare & onitsuka tiger shoes

8- Hard Rock Cafe tees collection

7- Marvel & DC Heroes comics collection

6- Leica M8 camera

5- Original The beatles CD / DVD

4- Canon DSLR eos 400D

3- Apple Iphone

2- OT seat for Manchester United match

1- BMW 350i

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Eureka is bingo..well im nerd, just figured that..huge wake up call, i change this blog to my personal blog+ edge blog

The poem entitled "Orang kiri"

yang kau tahu hanya menang
tidak kenal lawanmu adik abang
tak kesah lagi pandang
kiri yang bertentangan

berbaik hanya di hati
dipandang baik tidak walau sekali
namunku maseh punya hati

aku rindu Kanan
aku rindu Kiri
modusku cuma satu
hati kita selamanye bersatu

today post about poem i read about "orang kiri".it is a label for negative type of human..kalau ade dua jln utk dipilih pn kiri is road not taken kn?
but its only a label/pandangan.actually who are us to judges this rite?
we cant see through a person deep inside laen, cover outside laen kn? to all my kanan2 frens skalian. stop ur judges to kiri ok?